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About Me

Hi again,

Here's a bit more about me Steve Ellis, of English with Steve UK.  Here to help you with online English lessons.

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I am a British, professionally trained and qualified, experienced English Language Teacher and Teacher Trainer. I have taught different nationalities in the UK and abroad for over  20  years and worked as a teacher trainer for the British Council.  I have a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and also completed a Cambridge University English Assessment Course for Teaching Online.

As a Teacher Trainer/Mentor for the British Council in Malaysia and Thailand, I developed the English proficiency and teaching skills of local teachers. I particularly enjoyed promoting the use of illustrated storybooks as a learning aid for children to read, including using songs and role-play to make English language learning effective and fun.

In Italy and Turkey, I tutored adults in language schools, on local government-sponsored courses and at my own tuition centre. I taught children in both private and state schools. As Centre Manager and Academic Director in the UK,  engaging with students of many different nationalities.

Before I became a teacher, I was first a Royal Marine Officer in my younger days and then for many years worked as a senior manager in Marketing and General Management. My business experience comes in useful when teaching business English and my academic background when helping college and university students. 

I am also a writer ( have published several children's books, narrator, musician &  singer. I have written and produced shows involving children and adults in schools and the local community.


I currently live in Banbury, England with a load of books, two pianos, three guitars, four computers and a host of musical and video hardware and software, which often keep me up late at night. Thankfully, an app on my phone gives me a daily nudge to get out and do some exercise, which is not always welcome in a typical British winter.


Bachelor's Degree (First Class Honours) Social Sciences/Psychology

 1995 - 1998

Final dissertation: The Presumptuous Role of

Personality in Occupational Stress: putting it in its place.

Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) CERTIFICATE


Cambridge University English Assessment Course: Teaching Online.



  • English

  • Italian (Basic)

  • French (Basic)

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