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English Matters!

Why? Because it is the lingua franca most used by people around the world. A lingua franca is any language used for communication between people who do not share a native language.

The importance of knowing the English language is apparent in the fields of international business, technology, diplomacy, entertainment, aviation and seafaring. Today, more than 70% of all scientific journals are published in English. That is amazing when you realise that only around 4.7% of the world’s population speak English as a native language! (Approx. 350 million out of 7.442 billion). On the other hand, almost half a billion people are using English as their second language.


So, should it matter for you? Well ...

  • Speaking English opens doors of opportunities for younger students to enable them to reach their goals and dreams.

  • It enables people already working to further their career opportunities.

  • It helps to keep you better informed by reading and listening to the news and watching TV programmes in English from around the world.


But, what if you are not interested in the above? Why should English matter to you? Well ...

  • It's fun to be able to speak it.

  • You can enjoy watching movies and TV programmes in English.

  • How about singing the words to your favourite English and American songs - and understanding the lyrics?

  • Follow your favourite sport and teams in English? Understand the commentaries.

  • It's easy to learn the basics, enough to have simple conversations with people from different countries and cultures, whether they visit your country or you are on holiday in theirs.

  • You don't have to be perfect! I love the following quote.

  • Encourage your children to speak English from an early age.

"Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language." —H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Non-Native Speaking English Teachers are also welcome to discuss building their confidence in speaking English and teaching methods. Please contact me below to discuss or you can book a free Trial video lesson and we can chat there.

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