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What to Expect 

A communicative approach for learning English Online

The communicative approach in learning English is based on the idea that learning a language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. When learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition will be used, and this will allow them to learn to use the language. 

But what does this mean in our English lessons together?

We focus on why and how you want to use English and I create lessons that are personalised and meaningful for you, using the type of language you need in those situations. That can involve question and answer, doing role-play. The topics will depend upon your needs, level, and interests.

The focus is on being able to communicate in English  at a level suitable for you:: 

  • To speak and be understood

  • To listen and understand

  • To read and understand

  • To write and be understood

In other words, it is about being fluent and fluency here does not mean being perfect, but having the ability to communicate effectively in English at a level and in situations appropriate to you.

Fluency does not necessarily mean accuracy.

Of course, it depends upon what you wish to achieve. That is something we can discuss - the lessons are YOURS!

Will I have to learn a lot of English grammar rules?

No, not necessarily! it depends, though, on how much you need according to your level and the situations in which you are likely to want to use English. To be able to communicate at a basic level does not require knowing a lot of grammar rules. The focus is on being understood and understanding.

But, of course, getting some idea of English grammar is useful - for example, if you want to make clear that you are talking about the past rather than the present. So instead of saying 'Yesterday, I play football', the correct English is, 'Yesterday, I played football'. But, as you said 'Yesterday', using 'play' instead of 'played'  would still mean you could communicate.

That is basic fluency!

But, if you are studying for an exam, English is important for your career, need more formal English for business, then, yes, improving your grammar skills is important. 

Will I have to do a lot of writing?

Not in our Zoom lessons together. It would not be a good use of your time. We may use the text box or share screens to write, but any long writing is best done out of the lesson, in your time, then sent to me so we can discuss it in the next lesson and I can help you with suggestions and corrections.

It is not compulsory, of course. Entirely up to you, but if writing in English is important to you, then that is the best way to do it.

Speaking, listening, reading English, we can do in lessons, of course.

Let's make the best use of our time together! 

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Look below to find what  fits your needs

Learn English online

Social English

Learn or improve your English to socialise with people from other countries, in person or online. You can choose the topics you'd like to chat about or we can just use general subjects. It's fun! You'll soon build up your confidence

Learn English online

Beginners and Elementary

Learning basic English is not difficult. We start with simple vocabulary and sentences and go from there. If you already know some English we can improve your ability. You do not need any previous experience and you can use GOOGLE TRANSLATE if you are worried at any time!

Learn English online

English Exams

I have experience coaching students for Cambridge Exams (Ket, Pet, FCE,, CAE & CPE. I can also assist you in preparation for other exams whatever your level. We can cover all fours skills: speaking, Listening, Reading and Listening.

If you have practice tests, assignments or homework I can help you.

Learn English online

Business English

English is the international language for business.  I spent 20 years in business as a Marketing & Sales Manager, then  General Manager of a Major company. So I am familiar with business terminology and communication and can assist you with English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Use the lessons to develop your career and business prospects.


Learn English online


Using songs is an effective way of learning English, As a musician and singer, I enjoy using songs for teaching vocabulary, aiding comprehension and practising pronunciation.  You can choose your favourite songs to check your understanding of the lyrics!  And sing, if you wish!

Or we can sing together. I'll even play my guitar if you insist! 

Learn English online

Children's English Lessons

I have spent many years teaching English to children, both as a teacher and, for the British Council, a teacher trainer and mentor working with local -non-native speaking teachers. Lesson style and content depends on the age of the child. For younger learners, I make them fun and visual.

Younger children can do preparation for Cambridge Starter, Mover and Flyer exams. Older children for Ket, PEt etc. 

I also write children's books. 

Learn English online

For non-native  speaking English Teachers

I worked for the British Council in Malaysia and Thailand as a Teacher Trainer & Mentor. If, as a non-native English speaker teacher, you would like help with your English or tips about teaching methods and skills then please get in touch.

Learn English online


Writing essays and dissertations and doing research for academic purposes requires special skills, as I discovered when studying for my own degree before I became a teacher. I enjoyed developing those skills and attained a First Class Honours degree. I can assist you in developing your expertise.

Learn English online


Being familiar with the English Language can help your understanding of different cultures, their traditions, customs, literature, regions, way of living. Perhaps you'd like to know more about British culture, places, history, literature - Shakespeare, anyone?

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